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Orchestral Music
Inlaying the Purflings

Purflings are the decorative inlays highlighting the edges on the faces and backs of most stringed instruments. Since the first violins were made in the 16th Century, purflings have been consistently a key component of the aesthetic of violins, violas and cellos. A tiny sandwiching of three woods of contrasting colors is set in a carved channel that travels along the edge of the entire front and backside of the instrument. Aside from adorning the instrument, purflings may add flexibility to the top plate while reinforcing the plate's edge against cracks running with the wood grain. First, materials must be selected to create the purflings. These vary widely among violinmakers. The two outer strips tend to be made darker, while the inner strip is of lighter color. Some use ebony for the dark strips, though it is a hard and unbending wood. Others may use maple for all three, while coloring the outer strips in a dying process using Lockwood and ferrous... (more)

WO BU JIAN QIANG FEN SHOU HOU ZOU BU LIAO PENG YOU WO BU SHAN LIANG BU XIANG KAN NI QIAN TA DE SHOU ......overheard some1 sing this at the sing out my feeling.... Ya matter what u all say...I still emo de... Srly I rather give up others thing than ask me give up on her. ..I just waiting for a turn out zero....she wont give me a chance at all... Even I am willing to be her friends. ..I still bring her alot of make her quarrel more nia...hurt her more indirectly. all my own judgement n thinking. ...she might vy stready accept n be with me..... U all r no in the soup...dunno how it taste like....kinda stuff yr mouth with banana and relax at a corner.... How nice....if tml no need work... Oh...tml is a.sunday! Dun believe me.....!!!!


hoy pasaron puras cosas malas, asi que bien. conclui que para mi es mas facil pensar negativamente que positivamente como lo he estado haciendo estas ultimas semanas... pensar positivo es absurdo y agotador, quizas es mas agotador que absurdo, queria escribir la palabra absurdo. me lei las cartas, las cartas de las hadas... fui con el diego, CRASO ERROR, siento que tengo que colar a mi "circulo" de amistades, quedarme con personas que no sacan todo lo mala onda que tengo, si... porque no a todos les hablo cosas negativas, con mis amigos mas cercanos me siento alegre y soy bastante agradable, que queri q te diga. la mina de las cartas, senti que era media chanta, me dijo hartas cosas, esto fue el sabado, algunas cosas me hacian sentido, pero mas que nada fueron consejos, aun los estoy racionalizando por eso no he estado de muy buen genio. he recobrado mi negatividad y me he relajado un poco mas, es mucha presion esperar cosas buenas y que... (more)

why not humility?
WHY NOT HUMILITY? Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra Why not be humble at all moments Of association with fellowmen? Didn’t the shopworker teach you That one rudiment of survival Is the intelligent recognition Of your limitations’ omnipresence Inspite of endowments of craft & wealth? For there too are circumstances That are beyond you grasps In the snares of Naivete And may even cause a furor Of gig and limitless giggle? For Boastfulness and Arrogance Are twin eagles of deception That once they’d lift you aflight They’d shake you off the winds to crash Tragically on the solid ground Of defeat and humiliation? O! Humility! You are a noble messenger That speaks for transparent Security One that makes a person immensely cherished By the commonwealth of all men. [Writ. 05 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila] REFLECTION Being an islander in Asia, born a Filipino, I was taught... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Tuesday, July 22, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, Nouri's War Crimes continue, Jalal Talabani returns with zero impact, and much more. First up, there was a hearing in the US on Robert McDonald who US President Barack Obama has nominated to be the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Senator Patty Murray serves on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee (and is the Chair of the Senate Budget Committee). Her office issued the following: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Murray Press Office Tuesday, July 22, 2014 (202) 224-2834 VIDEO: Murray to VA Nominee: “You are faced with a truly monumental task.” Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), a senior member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee attended a committee hearing on the nomination of Robert A. McDonald to be... (more)

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